Escort Kendall

Escort Kendall - top girl from London

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Phone number0(740) 461-6303
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)50
Height (cm)165
Hair colorBlack
Are you a smokerFor the company
Trace the outline of my body with your finger. I can feel you staring. Your stolen glance ignites my body. You? A gentleman. Me…Beautiful brown eyes that sparkle and mesmerise at first glance. Where? A luxurious hotel in London. Soft, pillowy cheeks. Juicy strawberry lips. Slim and slight shoulders. Hair of silky chocolate velvet that shines when caught by the light and bounces as I glide into the room. Keep tracing down my luscious curves and smooth milky skin, kept taut and toned by yoga. Naturally full and perky handful sized…rosebuds. Come closer. Touch my shapely, peach of a derriere`… My ‘modus…

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